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Who does the music for the film series black cheerleader search?
in the 90s there was a porn series called inner city black cheerleader search
they had some great intro songs like flowers in paradise
and another one about killer clowns
who made thease ???
Try They usually tell you everything about a movie including soundtracks and music.
In the movie "Bring it on" whats the name of the black cheerleader that was small with pierced tongue?
I cant find her when i search for cast of the movie.. she was different looking and very petite.
Lil Kim
Who hit the cheerleader on minutemen!??!?
OK so im just wondering..
If you've seen the movie minutemen, which premiered tonight. Jan. 25
The guy with the black hair, playing hackeysack next to the cheerleaders during practice.
UGHHH! I need to know!!!??!?!!? What is his name !?? Grrrr, ive searched everywhere!!
I need to know.
Please help!
his name was eugene von something
he worked at that burger hour
What school or cheerleader is this?
the only school in this country I know of that has orange and black for their school colors is mepo in Mediapolis, IA. I know there is more than just one school in this country with those colors (and with sequins on their spankies), but still, I's wondering if anyone knew what school this is or if u know this girl's sn. 'cause when I first saw the pic, I's like omG, that's hot. well, thanks all. oh, and if yahoo puts a "?" at the end of this link, just take it off and do the search again
nice link
kindof weird buuuut,
my school colors are white orange and black too!
and thats what our cheerleading uniforms look like. from what i see.
I feel like I can't be pretty because I'm Asian?
Okay, well I go to a dominantly white and black people school. People see me as an innocent, smart short Asian girl. I have kind of accepted what I am, even though I used to hate the way I look (my mother is Malay, father Vietnamese). People sometimes make fun of me for my flat face, "weird" nose, and "squinty" eyes. I have even heard of these guys who hate Asians and me...just because I am Asian. It angers me how people can be so judgmental. I mean, people know me, and i have a decent anount of friends. I've never had a boyfriend either, and I think it's because people are stuck on the idea you can only date your race. I've heard of guys who didn't ask Asian girls out because they were Asian! I am short (4'10"), I have medium-tan skin, double lidded dark brown cat-shaped eyes (when a person that's not Asian has Asian eyes that's how they refer to it), wavy ish dark brown hair with a few lighter natural highlights, I have a butt and all (it's small all right, but proportional to me and round), and my nose is a little wide and tiny. People comment on how big my face appears because I have a wide and rounded square face. Every time I search up beauty tips they're for white and black girls. I mean everyone stereotypes Asians into Chinese looking people. It's horrible. So how can I look pretty with my Asian features? It seems everyone (or at my school) just like the pretty white, black, and Latino cheerleaders and girls. Beauty tips, confidence tips, and advice on how to deal with this?
Ah, don't think that way! I'm Korean, and people bug me too sometimes! [My dad is 100% Korean, and my mom is half Korean & half Caucasian.] There aren't too many Asian girls at my school now, so I feel like the minority quite a bit. Look, when people make fun of you, they are probably just jealous. Instead of picking out the bad things, why don't you think of the good things? [Gorgeous; petite figures, nice hair, etc.] You need to learn to love yourself. Like some other answers already said, a lot of guys love Asian girls. I looked at your picture, and I think that you are really pretty. I think that you need to realize that you're beautiful [inside & out!] and once you gain some confidence, you'll feel a lot better. This video might cheer you up; I watch it whenever I'm feeling down. & look, the guru is Asian :D…

You're perfect the way you are. Don't worry about it!
Starting a new fashion, new school ... :/?
Me (13) , my dad, my mum , my sister (16). my brother (18) and my little sister (4) are moving from Surrey, to Hawaii for my dads work.

I decided i wanted a fresh/new start,so i am changing everything..this is what i have done/will do..:
- Dyed my hair from light brown to light blonde with black roots.
- Starting a new private school.
- Becoming a cheerleader, and becoming more interested in sports.
- Changing my underwear from girl boxers to thongs.
- Becoming a model (my uncle who lives there owns a modelling company)
- Going to get (well try) a hunky fit sporty boyfriend.
-Changing my bra type, to a none padded lace see through one.
- We are going to own a villaaah (villa) and our own clothing line.
- and im going to keep up with latest trends

this is my new bra type :

my new panties type :

i dont no if im doing the right thing ?
am i too young to wear thongs at 13 ?
i have not tried one yet ?
i do not want any rude or mean comments ..if there are I will report..not afraid to ! please dont.. x
thanks for your help and support x
you don't need all this. If your starting this at 13 then I'm sorry but you might be called a slut very soon. Thongs are fine but not Corset bras. I'm 14 and I don't do ANY of these things. Try dressing comfortable...Forever 21 blouse with skinny jeans and flats. You don't have to do anything extreme to "fit in". People will start talking about you behind your back and everything will go down hill from there. Trust me and just be the same person you were before. Nothing has changed about who you are.

BTW the hunky jock boyfriends will end up cheating on you and breaking your heart. Their future consists of beer belly's and looking back wishing what their life could have been. Go for the nerds who will treat you well and end up with a brighter future :)

Good luck hun xx
Guys opinion please: geek-tastic or slutty?
okay, so that is me in the pic and i'm 5'7', blonde, D36, and curvy (im a cheerleader, softball and volleyball player, and i used to model for a local paper) if i was wearing a plaid skirt like so:,r:10,s:0

and a white v-neck like so:,r:14,s:33&tx=57&ty=96

with a push up bra and you could sorta see my bra thru it, would you find that slutty, geeky, or fine?
Seems like a 'sexy-geek' outfit.
What do you think about my short story?
Serina and Sabrina, the twins, the sisters, the package deal, the inseparable duo. They were always together. Wondering where Sabrina is? You’ll surely find her with her identical twin Serina. They were 13 years old attending Buena Vista Middle School in Orange, CA. They had requested to have each class together since Kindergarten. Never once had they argued, disagreed, or fought with each other. Most people described them as one person, one brain, 2 bodies.
Serina was born 5 minutes earlier than Sabrina was. The first 2 months of their birth was fine, but their mother, Carlee, had noticed that Sabrina wasn’t developing as well as Serina was. Serina was growing, sleeping, and drinking normally. Sabrina on the other hand seemed to have a problem nurturing, sleeping and she had had gained and grew very little. When they took Sabrina in to the doctor she was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. This would mean that Sabrina would develop at a much slower rate and would only grow up to be around 4’7. But since she was still young, there was hope. She would be coming to the doctor and be given growth hormones regularly. Months later Serina and Sabrina were developing normally, playing, eating, sleeping and everything was fine. Sadly, when Sabrina was 8 years old she had to have heart surgery due to Ebstein’s Anomaly. She is currently fine except for a few health issues.
The girls made it through elementary school together, always by each other’s side. Serina enjoyed playing basketball, softball, and volleyball, gymnastics, a black belt in Karate and cheerleading year round. Meanwhile Sabrina could not. The most Sabrina could do was be a score keeper due to her health issues. Serina felt bad that her sister could not enjoy a lot of things. The only activities that Sabrina could participate in were Chess Club, Science Olympiad, Art Club, Music club and Yearbook.
When they went to middle school, things changed. In 7th grade Sabrina was as healthy as her twin, no more health issues, medication, doctor’s appointments, and so on. They were both glad they could now join the same sports. Sabrina immediately signed up for gymnastics in order to become a great cheerleader like her sister. They trained hard and became not only sisters, but best friends. In 8th grade Sabrina was as good as her sister at cheering and gymnastics. They both tried out for the cheerleading team and got the two best spots. They were both captains and everyone loved their great spirit and kind heart. It’s safe to say they had a lot of girls jealous of them.
On December 19, something tragic was awaiting. The girls had just finished a cheer competition and were waiting for the school bus outside a high school. Sabrina decided to go to the bathroom before the ride back to their school, it was 8pm and already dark out. Serina goes everywhere with her sister, but she decided to let her use the High School bathroom unaccompanied.
Sabrina turned the corner of the building and all of a sudden a large hand covered her face invading her nostrils with chloroform. She was dragged off to a large black van with tinted windows, fake license plates and 3 guynappers waiting inside. They quietly drove off unseen by anyone.
10 minutes had passed and Serina noticed her sister wasn’t back yet; the bus was coming soon so they went to go look for her. The bathroom was empty and being cleaned by the night janitor. On their way out they found Sabrina’s hair ribbon lying where the van was once parked. At this point everyone started to panic, they searched frantically through the buildings and school campus completely forgetting about the bus. “HONK HONK.” The bus was waiting, Serina promised to herself she wouldn’t leave without her sister and she would find her even if she had to search every inch of the planet. She was forced on the bus after the police had arrived and been given all of the details.
The twins’s mom worked all day as a 911 operator and their father had passed away when they were 5. Sabrina made It her ultimate job to find her sister. Every day she would go to the police station and talk to the detective involved with her sister’s case. Getting information was important for Serina. She would hop on her bike and look for the van captured in the school security cameras. She had no luck, no calls coming from the “MISSING PERSON” flyers, no clues, nothing.
2 weeks had passed and Serina got up for her daily searching routine. She was deeply committed to finding her twin sister, her other half. Serina was lost without her sister and she wanted her back. She headed to the police station in the freezing weather hoping for news. When she arrived the detective had told her that someone in a little town about 8 miles away had spotted a black van with tinted windows similar to the van from the high school. Serina wasted no time and she was out of the police station in the blink of an eye. She rode her bike 8 miles arriving at an ugly run down town.
I would love to read a lot more.
It seems like it could be a really good story. :)
If it ever does get published, I would buy it.
It seems really interesting and I love these kinds of stories.
I want to be an author, myself. :)
HELP! What color and style should i do my hair?
^ most recent picture.

I'm an ex cheerleader whos looking for a new hairdo.
I enjoy being called the hot blonde, but I find my hair
to look very ugly when its wet because its such a light
blonde color, it turns a brassy yellow-orange until dry.
My natural color is dark blonde almost a light brown.
and I do not have the patience to wait for my color to
grow out, I also am discusted by having dff. colored roots.
I have dyed my hair every color in the rainbow and I am
still in search of an answer. I was once a dark brown,
and enjoyed it, but I did not feel as confident as I did with
the blonde, I honestly don't know why. Im scared of dying
it TOO dark.

Right now, its light blonde on top, and brown underneath.
Its hard to keep up with because verytime i get roots in the blonde, i have to redye my hair blonde, and do the brown underneath all over again.

what color would be best?
all blonde? blonde and brown? light brown? black? NO RED
All blonde. Blonde and brown. And a very light but warm brown, would all look OK. I don't recommend you go very dark, or at least, talk to someone who knows a lot about color!

Help? please? a new style? please? help?
sorry the other one didnt workkkxD ill try to get the sites on here lol

ok soooo i want to be more of a girly girl but when i try i feel unconfterble and not me. but idk i want a style like mine but different. i like to stand out though i have pink hair so i think that might be enough lol but i am called emo sometimes but i agree but i dont listen to freako music and sad songs cuz i think thats gayy. but please helpp

ok so this is my style
i wear plain aeropostale shirts everyday basiclyyy
pretty much lol

but i always add a touch of my style to it like i have the navy color of the puffer vest right here

and like this belt i have

cheaa this is my style lol
and thisss cept in black and blue plaid

but the big part is IM A CHEERLEADERRR!!
*sigh* all the cheerleaders make fun of me because i wear stuff like this:(
plus i always wear black nail polish and they wear hot pink

could you help me get a style like this but not much emo-ish
Do you want to dress like a "girly-girl" because you want to, or because you feel pressure to fit in? You need to dress how you want to dress; develop your own style. It's okay if you base it off a label at first (like preppy, emo, skater, etc.) but you want to be distinguished from these limiting stereotypes. Take the time to develop your own style.

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