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Anyone Know Of ANY Black Lesbian Movies?
I have already seen a couple. I need help on this one. I'm looking for Lesbian themed movies with Black lesbian couples. Help! I'm not looking for porn folks. Just some good movies with Black Lesbian characters. If anyone knows of any great movies starring Black Lesbian characters, please post the titles and brief description of the movies. Thanks.
www. sistersincinema .com/forum/ lesbianfilms .html

In addition to the above resource, which includes distributors at the bottom of the page, I've found several smaller indie films that have been shown during film festivals recently.

The following independent films have were shown in Oakland in August.

Stephanie Wynne
"Rashida X "
This first time ever film festival entry profiles the fictional character Rashida X,
a black revolutionary activist lesbian who chronicles the events leading to her inprisonment. Written by Ta' Shia Asanti

Stephanie Wynne
"Train Station "
Eddie Mae, a stud from the fifties gets caught cheating on her girlfriend and pays a price. Written by Ta' Shia Asanti

"If She Grows Up Gay"
Karen (Sloe) Goodman 1983 USA
This revealing documentary highlights a blue collar African-American mother who talks about her relationship with men, her rape, pregnancy, and raising her daughter with her lesbian lover.

clubrimshot .com/ filmfestival .html

There is another film that was first screened on Showtime in 2006.
Tamika Miller's film Sarang Song will have its broadcast premiere on the SHOWTIME CABLE NETWORK February 1, 2006 at 9:15pm as part of the 2006 Black Filmmaker Showcase.

SARANG SONG is a love story of two women set amidst the politically and socially turbulent times of the early 1970s. Their love is tested when one is thrust into the student protest movement and is forced to make a choice – will she choose her love, or will she choose the movement?

jasmynecannick.typepad .com/jasmynecannickcom/2006/01/ new_black_lesbi .html

I also remember one from earlier this year that was shown on BET's Black Filmmaker's Showcase. It was called "Gift for the Living," and although it dealt mainly with a girl and her grandmother, there was an undertone that her grandmother and her musician friend were more than friends.

www. imdb .com/title/tt0414047/

Both of these movies, "Sarang Song" and "Gift for the Living" were made by Tamika Miller.

www. imdb .com/name/nm1651745/

Another film that the Advocate said was be a "cross between "The L Word" and the Whitney Houston film "Waiting to Exhale," the upcoming Griot Soul Films lesbian offering "She Wasn't Last Night" is set to begin production in October, according to The Windy City Times Web site.

The story follows the relationship of the beautiful Shantel, her troubled lover Reyna, and the town player Jack who threatens to rip them apart. The film derives its title from bisexual funkster Meshell Ndegeocello's 1993 song "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)." (The Advocate)"

www. advocate .com/ news_detail_ektid46909 .asp
Good lesbian book & movies?
Do anyone know of any really good lesbian books that just touched your soul and was just so good "not erotic". Does anyone know of any really good lesbian movies, one of the best I seen was (Loving Annabelle). And can anyone possibly let me know if there are any really good lesbian books by black authors, I have been unable to find any good black lesbian movies " non erotic" if anyone knows any let me know.
As far as movies go the most recommended will probably be Lost and Delirious (sad drama) and Imagine Me and You (romantic comedy). For some stereotypical humor there is also But I'm a Cheerleader.

As far as books go my all time favs are The Well of Lonliness (a MUST read for all lesbians), Annie on My Mind (brilliant teen love story), Keeping You a Secret (another stunning julie peters book, also a teen love story), and Truth Dare or Promise (love story set in New Zeland I believe). Other okay books involve Emperess of the World, Bermuda Triangle, Girl Walking Backwards (though I only list this book because it is listed as LGBT, but in my opinion it has hardly much to do with it). LGBT books in general involve Geography Club, and if you don't mind full out gay guys, The Rainbow Boy books are very good. Books I haven't read yet that I've heard are good include Kissing Kate, and Boy Meets Boy.
What's that black lesbian movie/scene?
they're like on a rooftop or something and a man is holding one girl hostage(tied up) and comes the other black girl and beats up the guy and kills him
then they go down to their house and the girls make love
it's probably 'Boys on the side' starring Whoopi Goldberg and Drew BArrymore
Where can I get Lesbian Movies in Australia?
I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get these movies and others like them in Australia, so that they will work, also, what region do they need to be?
Movies Such as -
The Investigator
Black Mama White Mama
TV series such as -
A girl thing
Who is the black girl in the lesbian scene with ann marie in the showtime softcore movie Sexual Surrender?
theres is a lesbian scene between porn actress Ann Marie and a unknown black actress, does anyone know who she is,the scene is from a late-night softcore showtime movie on cable, the name of the film is called "Sexual Surrender" made in 2003, here is the link to a web site with images of the woman…

You should be able to find the answer there.
What Are Some Modern Movies Shot In Black And White?
By modern I mean movies that were released in the last twenty years or so.

Suggested Category:
Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered
Yahoo never fails to surprise me.…

Does the movie black swan have a lesbian sex scene?
it looks a lot like it does from the trailer
yes. it has a very in-depth scene
What is the point of the lesbian sex scene in Black Swan?
I don't understand how it contributed to the movie... and why would Nina have a fantasy about her rival?
It was meant to symbolize Nina's progressive descent from good to bad, or from White swan to black. The black swan's influence further encroaching upon Nina's fragile, virginal white swan.

PS: Don't listen to the above posters. Of all the modern Hollywood films, Black Swan is not one of the shallow, vapid, money grabbing ones.
What time in Black Swan is the lesbian scene?
hii...i have the movie can't watch it right now but am dying to see that scene
and i don't wanna look for it because it might spoil the movie so if some could tell me in what time it is and would watching it spoil the movie????
It starts at 01:07:30. It's best to watch the whole movie but if you really want to you can watch only the scene. Without the context you won't understand what really happens so it won't spoil the movie.

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