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What happens when you suck breast of an hiv woman?
recently my friend had an intercourse with a woman who was breast feedin a one and half year old guy and he happened to suck this woman's breast, what are the chances of him gettin infected by the hiv virus, given that the woman cud be hiv positive, she does'nt know her status. please help.
Hi there,

First of all you are assuming that the woman is HIV+; if she isn't than there is nothing to worry about. The only way to know your status is to get tested or wait until you are hospitalized with a very serious illness and find out then that you are in fact HIV+.

HIV enters the body through open cuts, sores, or breaks in the skin; through mucous membranes, such as those inside the anus or vagina; or through direct injection. Breast milk carries HIV too, and breast-feeding adds considerable risk of transmission. As with transmission via blood, there's some indication that risk increases along with viral load (the amount of HIV in the mother's blood). So far, research shows that the risk of breast milk transmission is highest in the first six months of life. However, there's no threshold or time point beyond which it becomes absolutely safe to breast-feed. With regards to transmitting HIV to an adult via breast milk it's possible but I've never come across any studies or any statistics to back up any claims.

Any rate, if a person chooses to lead an active sex life and is not in a committed monogamous relationship where both partners have reliably tested negative for all stds, safer sex guidelines should be activly in place (ie. use fresh latex or polyurethane condoms each and every time you engage in anal or vaginal intercourse). Further, they should get tested for all stds once a year as part of their regular anual check-up; every 6 months if the beahviours were of a more risky nature.

Hope this helps.
Is it safe for my wife to suck from her breast during sex?
During sex, I mostly like to kissing and playing with her boobs, and I become crazy when I suck her breast, she also like it much. I have heard that on regular-sucking from breast may generate milk, even before pregnancy. If that happen then I like to drink it also. But I am worried, is it safe for my wife to regular-sucking from her breast? Physician or medical persons, Please answer. Please give me any suggestion or guide also.
breast is one of important organ to arouse the lady for sex, ladies like to get the breast sucked hard during act of sex, but during lactating she will not like to sucked by u as it will be painful.
so don't do it at this stage
My husband wants to suck my breast milk also with my 5 months baby.Can I give him my milk?
My husband wants to suck my breast milk at every night? I also enjoyed to give him but i afraid. Can it harmful for my baby or not?Please tell me?
It won't be harmful to your baby unless he takes too much and doesn't leave enough for the baby to feed on when he/she is hungry. He could also cause you to become engorged because breast milk is produced by supply and demand. The more you let him have and the baby takes, the more milk you will make causing your breasts to be overly full - engorged. You and your husband can enjoy, but in moderation.
Infant baby just wants to suck on breast?
I'm a new mother, and I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. But it seems like lately she doesn't really want to take the pacifier anymore, she just wants to suck on my breast. She's constantly on my breast, what can I do? BTW she's almost 6 weeks.Thanks!
Perfectly normal. They tend to want to eat constantly when they are getting ready for a growth spurt. As for the youngest hated it and stopped taking it at all at 3 months. Now my oldest loved his and it took me till he was almost 2 years old to make it go away! Just think, one less thing to break the precious one from...
Im sixteen and just given birth but my son does not suck he bites my breast when I breastfeed him?
When I breastfeed my son he does not suck my breast he bites and it really hurts but I dont want to go see a doctor because the doctor will put his hands on my breast and i dont want that it will feel weird. What should I do?
If you can, try to see a IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). They're women and it won't be as weird. Like Happy Cake said, going to La Leche League meetings is great, and of course, they're all women. If you can't do that, or in addition to that, you can check out these instructional videos by Dr. Jack Newman, the premier breast feeding advocate. His videos helped me immensely in the beginning.

Good luck and good for you for nursing your baby. Too few teen moms do it and you are a wonderful example!
What does it mean when a guy wants to suck on your breast the first night?
It was our first date after knowing each other for almost a week. We were making out and he was squeezing my breast. He asked to suck on them and it seemed like too much for a first date. Do you think he likes me or just wants to have fun?
He's testing the waters. All he wants to do is have sex with you. He's a guy - you do know this about guys, right? All they want from you is sex.
When havin sex and your partner starts to suck your breast does it cause breast cancer?
When havin sex and your partner starts to do sucking on your breast can that cause breast cancer after he does it for a long time? I don't know if I'm making my question clear.?
Sucking the breasts as a foreplay cant cause Breast cancer. Only some pain may be noticed if they are sucking too hard causing a bruise or squeezing them too hard. Don't be worried if it's cancer. It is not. Breasts cancer only involves a lump but no pain. It's actually a good sign to have the pain cuz you know it's not cancer. Probably just a cyst thats not too serious.
Maybe you are tensing up when you foreplay and your partner sucks your breast thats affecting your muscles and causing the pain. Best wishes -
What does it mean when a guy ask to suck on your breast the first night?
I was on a first date with Kevin after knowing him for a week. We were in the back seat of his car making out and he was squeezing my breast(shirt on). He asked to suck on them. Do you think it's too much for a first date. Is that considered foreplay?
Turns the boys loose on him, hell enjoy it and so will you
My formula fed baby is trying to suck my breast?
My 3 month old has been strictly formula fed from birth. I am no longer lactating but over the past week she has tried to suck her father and grandmother and this morning she spit her pacifier out and went for my breast. She went to a different babysitter this week and I'm praying no one let her suck them. Is this normal?
It's a natural response, breastfeeding comes naturally to all babies. Have you considered relactaing and starting to breastfeed?
Is it right to suck the breast of my wife to test the milk, and how does it test?
my wife is still breast feeding my little baby that is 4 months old now, is it right for me to suck her breast to know the test,
Yes you can suckle and taste, as long as your wife has no issues with it! At four months she has a completely established supply.

Let me warn you if you suck the wrong way you will hear about it because it will give your wife a sharp pain. Babies settle on the nipple in a much different manner than men do during foreplay, you might want to watch a couple of the breast feeding video's about latching on available on You Tube.

Breast milk is slightly sweet and unless your wife has eaten something spicy or very garlicky it won't taste like much, but it's flavor is affected by the things she eats.

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