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Is it legal to ban Christians from Bed and breakfasts/guesthouses?
An associate of mine has recently bought a B n B/Guesthouse and has decided to allow the following to stay at his business as paying customers.
Jews,Muslims,Buddhists,Hindus,Naturist… and Bisexuals but has adamantly refused to allow practicing Christians of all denominations to stay and use the facilities.
Is this person breaking the Equality Act 2010 and is he guilty of discrimination on the grounds of religious intolerance towards Christians.
His opinion is the Equality Act 2010 does not cover Christianity and Christians are exempt from this law.
Surely this can't be true in secular cosmopolitation multi faith Britain?
Your a cheeky wind up merchant John, but I will say its got to be a contravention of the Act'. All his chosen ones are God fearin people as are Christians, they just fear their God/s differently.
Or could it be the others can afford to pay that bit more. How could anyone know if a person is a Christian or not? Your right it can't be true, story teller! If that B&B is up a mountain give me the address.
Is wearing clothes wrong?
One of the added evils that the doomsday apple bought adam and eve was shame of their nakedness- God made humans naked, and clothes were only brought about by shame of this nakedness, from the apple.

So shouldn't a perfectionist holy God want us to become naturists, as he intended, rather than disobey his will? In a similar fashion to some christians wanting people to suppress gay tendencies, and act straight as God intended?
If nudity was the norm it would cease to be erotic.

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