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Your thoughts on little girls in bikinis?
i was at the beach with some friend sand there guys and there was this 5 or 6 year old in a bikini and im not talking about the tank and shorts im talking about a tiny bikini and when she would come back to the blanket part of her top was half off. her mother would see it and say nothing.
what are your thoughts on young girls in two piece bikinis?
I don’t think it’s all that appropriate. My stepdaughter’s mother would pack bathing suits for her when she’d come to visit and I would usually go and buy her another suit because my husband and I didn’t like the ones that were being sent. They were barely pieces of fabric covering this little guy. She was 3-4 yrs old at the time and her bathing suit was only a flower petal over each little boob of hers and it was a strap going all around. I’m sorry but she’s already adorable and beautiful and we don’t need anything else drawing attention to her. Of course it’s cute sometimes, but what about all those sickos out there? What is it teaching the guys?

My stepdaughter is now 5 yrs old and feels she MUST wear short skirts and spaghetti strap tanktops. Or high heeled shoes. I’m not saying that her bathing suit that she wore when she was 3 was the reason from it, but I also don’t think it helps her perspective at all either.

Just my opinion, but when I have a little girl, she’ll be wearing a regular bathing suit like all the other girls.

** ADD **

If it wasn't acceptable they wouldn't make them?? LOL! What planet are you from? I live in the US and you can get just about anything, appropriate or not, any time you want.
Why do some parents put little girls in bikinis?
do they not realize how creepy it is? And would you consider it to be bad parenting?
I also get a little squeamish when styles that are meant to be sexy on adults are put on guyren. People say it's "cute." Why is it cute? Because bikinis are meant to be sexy, and on guyren (to most people) they're not?

I had this same problem a couple of years ago when those t-shirts with bustiers drawn on them were fashionable for a season. What is a bustier? A garment designed to enhance cleavage. I guess the designers thought they couldn't get away with selling bustiers to tweens (they were probably wrong, btw), so they figured they'd just put one on a t-shirt so we could all IMAGINE the prepubescent girls in them.
Why do parents buy little girls those sleezy bikinis?
Have you seen them? I mean like 2 piece string bikinis in sizes as small as 3-6 mos. I don't understand why anyone would try to make their small guy 'sexy' at such a young age (or any age). Doesn't it just draw the wrong kind of attention? Isn't anyone worried that it could lead to pedifial being interested in them? I think all 2 piece bathing suits should be taken off the market. Only a pervert would buy such clothing for their precious daughters.
I'm sort of with you. What does a 3 yr old in a triangle bikini top trying to show off??

I'm not opposed to all 2pc suits though. My daughter (3yo) has a tankini. Modest top that goes down to her waist and then bottoms. She's hard to fit because her torso is long but she's skinny. It's also easier for toileting a toddler. But yes, I've seen some suits that are definitely not appropriate for little girls.
Should little girls under age 15 be allowed to wear bikinis?
After my trip to the beach today I was a little saddened to see all the little girls in halter tops, and string bikinis. Is this acceptable? My daughter(3) was in a one piece and all necessary parts were covered. Am I old fashion? It seems these moms are trying to dress themselves through their guys, and make the guy wear the bikini they can't. I don't know, with all the sick people in this world, I just like my daughter covered up.
hell no! and no your not old fashion, your watchful! i would NEVER let my daughter wear what some of these little girls wear now a days. I can't believe what some of these parents let their little girls wear these days. Have they never heard of pedophiles?!?!

At the beach i would say 14 and under a one piece will do just fine. 14 to18 they they can wear those halter top and boy shorts swim suits. After 18, wear what you want but hopefully i raised you right and you won't wear some kind of string bikini type crap.
Do you think the guyren’s clothing industry pushes girls to grow up faster than boys?
With training bras, bikinis for little girls, and scanty clothes in general in the girls section, do you think that young girls are getting more of a "push" to act like teens? Or do you think that boys are receiving the same push from other sources?

Do you think that this push is a good thing (it means they go through phases quicker) or that it's a bad thing (they lose some of their guyhood)?

Or do you think this isn't really happening, and that clothes don't make the man (or in this case, girl)?
Oh yes. Just compare a guyren's clothing catalogue from as little as 20 years ago with today, girls' clothing has been increasingly 'sexed up' and presented as 'little adult' wear.

I do think boys are being pushed also ~ guys of six and seven can't be friends without being boyfriend and girlfriend if they are opposite sex, and little boys are still expected to be 'tough' and mechanical rather than creative and intuitive.

Check out how sex-divided the toy section of any department store is for confirmation.

Parents and other adults have the power to change this, simply by exercising their pocket power, but it's also good to remember that guys go through 'phases' of liking toys, dolls, colours and activities ... if it's not made too much of, they'll often move on to something new!
Why are there so many options for little girl undewear?
Ok I am not trying to be pervy or a troll but I have a legitimate question. I guess part of this is my ignorance as a boy, he he, but I had no idea there were choices in girls underwear until my daughter was potty trained. I just thought all girl underwear was the same. I don’t see why there are for little girls ; bikini, high cut, boy short, full panties. You can find everything that women have with the exception of a thong. I guess I should of expected it because they do the same for boys. My son is only two and has some little boxer briefs. To me those choices seem to … I don’t know sexualize little girls. Does a 4 year old really care about low rise or high cut. To me that is something that a teen or an adult should worry about. Probably just me being over protective dad
It's not limited to underwear. Female clothing lines are far wider than males. Designers go where the money is. There is always a screaming market for the female clothing industry.
What to do boyfriend looks at non nude little girls porn?
using my boyfriends cell phone i was looking up movie times on google. and it had history search of nn litlle girls. preteens and under age. he said he just likes to look at them. and its okay since they arnt naked. theyre in bikinis. im disturbed but he said he gets no pleasure from it. he told me he'll stop and get help. should i believe him? hes been doing it since he was in college he said. hes 26. any suggestions?
i'm sorry but he's not right in the head. I wouldn't if i was you want to be with him. He's a paedo and needs help.
Girls swimsuits?
ok, i need a little girls (youth) size swimsuit because i cant wear juniors because im so small. other words, im 5 feet and 80 pounds, so i need a smaller suit. i have a tiny bust so, i read in a magazine, that i should get one with ruffles on it like this:…

but obviously, i need a different one. but, i like different ones at

will the XXS fit me if i wear a size 10 or 8 in guys suits? or can you find me some cute cheap girls bikinis, NOT TARGET!! the style is too young, like 5 year oldish. im 13, so remember that.
that ruffled one is kool

or get a bandeau bikini

you can try roxy girls or pacsun

goood luck
Poll: girls in bikinis or My Little Ponies?
My friend says people don't want to see ponies as back up dancers in rap videos. I disagree.
I hate it when people are assfaces and try to crush your dreams :(

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