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All Comments

If you walked onto a bus filled with naked gay guys... would you get off?
Would you?
Gosh, weird situation!
Sorry, bad answer coming up: it all depends. Hahaha

I mean, if I had friends with me, then yeah, just because it's funny. Nothing sexual because getting a b0ner on a public bus is weird and gross!

But if I was alone, I would probably walk on the bus, see how awkward it is, smile, and walk right off... then tell everyone I knew!!! Hahaha

There you go. Very weird thing to ask!
I am asking all gay guys, when you are naked in a group together?
Whats running through your mind and how do you handle yourself around other naked guys? How much do you express
your feelings and jealousy around each other. What do you do? Are you sensitive about it and what do you do about it?
Because I would not know how to handle myself. I am very
I'm not in the habit of being naked in a group together. I doubt you'll find many gay people who are nudists. The only times I get naked in front of others, we all have the same thing on our minds, get showered and dressed and out of there ASAP.
My penis gets erect when I see naked guys, am i gay?
I saw one of my friends naked the other day in my high school locker room. He is tall dark and handsome and I got an erection! It scared me into thinking i'm homosexual. I have a girlfriend that would be completely devastated if she knew this but I need to know if this makes me gay. Please HELP!
No, your not gay dude. Every boy looks at each other naked to see how they rack up with other boys.
Straight guys: Woud you rather get kissed by a gay guy or give a piggy back ride to a naked straight guy?
Straight guys: Woud you rather get kisse by a gay guy or give a piggy back ride to a naked straight guy?

Assuming you HAD to pick one. "Neither" is not an acceptable answer. Explain your reasons for picking one over the other.
i give Piggy back ride i just wear 5in thick clothes then their no way i feel his skin at all but with a gay guy kiss i feel his skin and have to be worried that he fall in love with me
Bi/Gay Guys: Whats with the obssession of taking half-naked pictures of yourself in front of the mirror?
I talked to this guy on myspace, and God he's just so shallow... It all started when he told me that he hit depression before.. I started feeling bad for him..that I wanted to get to know him as a friend...

The thing is.. he only adds hot half naked guys onto his profile and one day he created his "Top 40 friends" its an application where you add all your friends on your profile but what he did instead is he transfered all the HOT guys onto that application .. and I got a bit insulted because I thought me and him were pretty good.. apparently not and I asked him why he didn't include some of your friends or myself? he told me its because I don't show enough skin on my pictures, so he expect me to be half naked with a camera in my hand taking pictures of my abs??? .. Im NOT into that crap ..

alot of guys told me I am hot..but taking pictures of me half naked and post it on the net its just not me..

The thing that is more sad for him is the fact that he keeps requesting these guys on Facebook now.. but no one seem to care about him and he doesn't seem to realize he's shallow and that's the cause as to why he's been single all this time (because he keeps complaining about it)

My question is: Are most gay/bi guys are like this?, Ive seen TONS on myspace..
and should I just hit the gym and exercise myself just to see what it feels like? or not?

Thanks (:
Aw don't worry about it. I actually didn't think that the gay guys or bisexual guys where like this, it's the straight guys that are always half naked in there displays. It's nice for them that they're confident enough to show their body a bit more in photo's though, however superficial of him to only like the hot guys! Don't worry about it. Exercise is always good though, if you don't hit the gym already then it might be nice to try it for a few days. :)
Is it gay to use a sauna with naked guys?
I use this suana and all the older people like 50+ are all naked and sitting on the benches and I put a towel around myself.
It sounds kinda nasty to me and I'd feel really uncomfortable.

Your privates are meant to be private whether you're with the same or the opposite sex. They aren't meant to be aired for everyone to view.

Adam and Eve covered themselves when they found out what right and wrong is after eating from that tree so that should tell us that it's wrong.
Do gay guys feel akward when naked around girls or is it guys?
i'd honestly like to know,im a bit deficient in my knowledge of gay behavior, i think a lot of hatred for gays is coz people just dont understand them.
I'd feel awkward around any naked people.
If i stare at naked guys long enough will i turn gay?
I don't like being straight and i know i CANT choose to be gay, but if I try really really really hard and a tininess tinyest itty-bity piece of magic, it could happen right?
I wonder, using that same logic, if I keep answering questions like this, with the tiniest itty-bitty piece of "magic," will I turn stupid? In all seriousness, turning gay from watching gay guys is possible if you like what you see and get accustomed to your new sexual attraction.
Straight guys: Would you rather have to kiss a gay guy or give a piggy back ride to a naked straight guy ?
Assuming you had to pick one. "Neither" is not a correct answer.
Weird question I know. Make sure to tell why.
hahaha, i would have to choose the piggy back ride, but if he was like twice my size i'd have to think twice, then he might just rape me.

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