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All Comments

Is 42 to old for topless work?
What is the majority's opinion to a mature (older) women working in a nude profession?
ewww, saggy boobs. Not to forget the old face..

I wouldn't go there.
Why have nude art on the web? (Please only leave mature comments)?
I know I'm 13, but I don't understand why pictures of nude men and women are allowed on the web. I think the human body is a beautiful piece of artwork, but most boys of my age level think of it just as getting to look at breasts. I understand them being on art sites, where you get to get inspired and see artwork such as photographs, drawings, digital art, paintings, etc. but not where people of the same/opposite gender may gawk at a picture of a nude person. I also don't understand why Model Mayhem is allowed to everyone, why not just to adults or more mature people?

I don't think it should be illegal, just meant for more mature ages, there are a bunch of boys that not only have I heard of from differing states but have also from my own where the boys at my age level are just looking to look at breasts of older women, so yeah, I just think it should be for more mature people and art, like The Kiss and not just so anybody can look it up and become obsessed with sex, breasts and other unmentionables when they're too young to understand them...I understand I was misleading before but that was just because I was getting so frustrated with a boat load of people that I go to school with already talking about going to 3rd and 4th base already at age 13, when they aren't ready to make that commitment especially because the next day they broke up.

PS. I'm a girl, not a boy, people have gotten that confused when I said boys my age, so just wanted to make that clear.
Nude art has nothing to do with erotic material or pornography. Per instance, The Ingres' bathers, while showing naked female bodies, simply shows the female body in different pose (even if, in some case, the artist did the back too long). Sure, guys (sorry if it offends you, but 11-13 boys are still guys) who are starting to get their hormones will only look at the breasts and think "bewbs". But if he was raised in a family that likes art, he will see beyond it. He will see the painting techniques used to make the shade, the way the elements in the painting makes our eyes move in circle around the painting and always toward the middle, so that it captivate the audience.

As for their precautious sexuality, if they indulge themselves in that so young, it is their loss. It should be shared for the first time with someone whom you trust and hold high affection for a long time, not a two week fling.

Take your time and enjoy art!
Is there any positive impact on guyren who see nudity at a young age?
If a little boy of say, 8 or so years old, sees women nude, does that make him, say, less likely to become a porn-addict when he grows up? Does that help him be more 'mature' when it comes to women and sex?
If they're 8 and they have already been taught that nudity is a sin or is somehow bad, they'll probably be negatively affected.

If they live in a household where the body is just that: A body, they'll be okay. If a guy grows up not associating naked people with sex and evil and violence, they'll be unaffected. If they grow up around nudity, they'll be more comfortable in their own skin, they'll be very well-adjusted, and they'll be confident and productive members of society.

When you make nudity = sex, that's when the problems start.
Which teenage girl is more mature: the 14 year old or the 17 year old?
The first teenage girl is 14 year old Abby. Abby says:
"I am home tutored and do everything my mother says. I never swear. I am a virgin and intend to be one till I'm over the right age of 18, never under 18 because that's just wrong! My boyfriend is 17. I hope having a bf doesn't make me seem immature. I wear sensible clothing, nothing revealing or slutty. Do I sound mature for my age?"

Here's what 17 year old Mimsalene says:
"I never have or will expieriment with drugs or tobacco, not because it's illegal, but because I don't want to destroy my body. I've never been anorexic or bulimic and I don't like the idea of making everyone conform to one mold. My bf is 19 and we've been dating for over a year. We've been friends since middle school. No, I'm not a virgin anymore, but I'm not promiscuous either. He's the only guy I've ever slept with and I wouldn't do a random hookup with anybody. When I gave him my virginity I did it because it was what I wanted. We have a deep relationship. I never tried to hide our relationship from my mom and because she's known him for years, she approves. I don't act trashy at parties or get wasted. I don't go out in a tiny tube top and micromini, but I'm not afraid to ocassionally go out in something a little daring , as long as it's not over the top. I don't make nude photos or sex tapes, but I don't think it's wrong for young women to express their sexuality. teens are sexual beings too, whether people want to acknowledge that or not. I don't go after other peoples' guys. I believe in freedom of expression and religion, and I strive very hard to never judge peoples' character or intelligence based on how they look. I think my education is important but I don't let that dominate my life. I may swear every now and then, but it's not something I do every day or have a habit of doing. I know I'm imperfect. I don't always obey my parents perfectly, but I do love them and try to be respectful. I can be friends with different people."

Who is more mature, 14 year old Abby or 17 year old Mimsi?
got no time to read it but 14 years because she is more ''INNOCENT''
What do I do about these nude pictures of me/Help?
When I was 15, I was naive and took nude pictures of myself. I had a MySpace account and a lot of older men would talk to me. I sent them to one man in particular that has been sending me messages for the past 6 years. He has told me that he has saved all 200 pictures that I posted on my MySpace (These are non-scandalous/Just pictures of me with my friends) plus the 10 or so nude/risque ones.

I was accepted to law school and I start there in the fall. I was considering a career in politics.

However, when I think about how that guy has a disk of all those pictures of me, I get so discouraged.

I was age in them. However, I have no way of proving that I was. He said to me "Honey, you don't look 15. You look like a mature women. No one is going to believe you were age." Is there a way to tell if the person is age? I was more developed than most 15 year old so I do get older.

I don't know whether to give up on my dreams.

I HATE this internet age. I was so naive but
When I was fifteen, we all have profiles with images that said things like, "Never have regrets, cuz at one time, what you did was what you wanted."
It just most of us were smart enough to realize that as inspirational as that sounded, the real world didn't work that way.

But hey. We all make mistakes when we're young. It's unlikely something you did when you were fifteen will ruin your career, and you'd be crazy to let it stop you. Besides, one, who says he'll use them agaisnt you? And two, can he prove it was you?
Am I too young to watch shows with nudity?
I really like this new show called Game of Thrones but the problem is is that it has sex/nudity in every episode. I'm a 14 year old guy and pretty mature for my age and it's not like I've never seen a nude woman before. I have to watch these episodes in 'secret' because I don't know how my parents would react if they new it had sex/nudity...What do you think?
is this a tv show? Because I thought they are not allowed to show that on TV there are also certain words they can't say on TV. but really just be careful because first it's just liking the show, then it's about the sex, and then you will be watching hard core porn and then by the time you know it your addicted. so be careful I watch shows in secret like drawn together and south park because I know my parents don't like me watching them and now I pretty addicted to both of them. So like I said be careful the best things are in moderation. HBO! you're guyding right! that's crazy i did not think they were allowed to do that
Women: Honestly, how would you feel if you got abandoned nude in bed? ?
If you guys love each other, especially the guy love you a lot and tell you that all the time. When you feel insecure, he always reassure you and you have tested his endurance of loving you. So now he's in a hurry to leave but says he wants to make love to you, then you made a comment like you worry marriage will fail in the beginning of lovemaking, he said it really turns him off...... So he could just leave instead of making it up to you, and he got all mad but still left you nude in bed. Would you really get offended? If you were mature enough, not really insulted, then how would you possibly feel about this? In the same situation, I feel like I totally went out of control, not because Im not mature enough for marriage, but because I hate the way he handle situation like this, he could have done better or it was just pretty normal for every guys in general.
P.S he's 24 years old...

Please direct some helpful experiences, I really think he shouldnt just leave mad and not solve things with me just because he was really in a hurry????
Hello friend. First of all, I only offer my point of view on your situation to try and help, though I may not be right.
To begin, I think it is unfortunate to have an unesessary outburst regarding sex in a relationship. Not to sound cleche or sappy, but making love amongst couples is something that should be charished and appreciated by both parties, and not to take as a novelty or for granted. Unfortunately, men tend to do that.

Now, to share a personal experience in order to give you an idea of how immature men can be, mine was at 18. I would have the same reactions to my selabate girlfriend at the time, arguing that she started something and never wanted to finish, out of fear that she may 'go against the grain' and dissapoint her mother's wishes and the idea of selebacy, when she truly wanted to share that experience with me. (How rude and stupid is that?) I'll openly admit what a stupid mistake I made and how immature it was of me to make her feel bad about her choices. I was just frustrated and immature, and didn't realize how insensative I was being towards her wishes. I feel your husband is doing the same thing. He just wants to have his cake and eat it too, by his terms. The problem is, friend, that men often see it as plain'old sex and not love making. I apologize for making it sound so crude, but unfortunately, that's the reality of it.
As a woman, I feel he shoudl respect you a little bit more and make an effort to, at the least, attempt to court you into sharing the moment when it's appropriate, and WITH TIME! It is not an entirely bad thing to do it quickly and in a hurry, if you're both in agreement, but then, that's all it becomes in a hurry; a quicky!

So do not let him get you feeling down and guilty. You're his wife; 1 and only woman, not some garage tool to use and leave on the side unnatended. Again, coming from a male's perspective, we often don't do the right thing and take things for granted...Some of us just grow up a little quicker than the others. Try and help him understand and talk it out, before he gets himself into deeper trouble or looses something good. Take care, and hold your head up!
Im 16 years old and not allowed to wear MAKEUP?
k so im 16 years old, im not allowed to wear mini skirts or inapporiate clothes and im not allowed to wear makeup except for a nude lipgloss.

im treated like a guy, yet i should act mature. its sooo unfair.
people my age have lost their virginities and living on their a GROWN WOMAN.
Why would you want to wear inappropriate clothes if you know they're inappropriate?

This may not be what you want to hear, but you're treated like a guy because you still are a guy. If you're still living with your parents, and you expect them to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate, you don't really have much of a choice, you know?

My parents didn't really care, and I wound up staying away from makeup until I turned 20, because I didn't really feel I needed it. It's not such a bad thing, doll. People spend tons and tons of money to have bright, vibrant, fresh, young skin like yours. Live it up! Focus on taking really good care of your skin so it can stay gorgeous as you get older.

What kind of makeup are you interested in wearing? Maybe your parents will be willing to compromise? Clear mascara will make your eyes pop just as well as the colored stuff, while still giving you that fresh, natural look. Translucent powder will even out your skin tone without making you look cakey or overdone.

Bottom line here: Talk to your parents! (But don't whine or get angry-- neither of those things will show them that you're mature) They are usually a little more lenient about things when they still get a say in how they're done. Maybe your mom could help you pick out some soft, subtle colors of eyeshadow that would complement your natural coloring?
I don't suggest trying anything behind their back, because if you get caught, it's just going to show them that they can't trust you.

Hope this helps!
Should I give him the benefit of the doubt?
First, I want to thank anyone that responds respectfully. I know this isn't the dating section, but I feel this section contains much more mature and experienced advice. I am a 25 year old woman, and the boyfriend I'm about to mention is a 29 year old.

I met my boyfriend on Plenty Of Fish (a dating site) last month. We seemed to really hit it off and even went as far as saying "I love you." Everything seemed too good to be true...And then one morning when he left for work, I hopped on his home computer to check my email. For some strange reason, I felt the urge to check his internet history. I was devastated when I found out he's been sending messages back and forth to other women on POF, and just before we became exclusive, answering to sex ads on a different site. I was livid! I got into his email, which also didn't require a password from his home computer...and found nude pictures he had sent to multiple people (again, this was before we became exclusive). But doesn't this say a lot about the type of person he is? He's even into being a third party and trying out the same sex. He says he hasn't actually cheated on me, but that he's VERY sorry for lying to me. I found a used "bloody" condom in his waste basket that I can't account for. He had just bought a new box of 12 condoms. We used 1, but there were 2 in the trash...And only 10 condoms left. He denies sleeping with anyone else. My emotions are flip-flopping back and forth and I'm so confused. I really need some advice. What should I do? He says he'll do anything in the world to get me back. Should I take him back and gradually learn to trust him again, or run far far away?
There is no BENEFIT in Doubt...
lose him
What to do with him (my friend)?
i know a guy boy who is 16 year old and living in india . he love to do sex as solo (he do with his hand), he always watches porn movies and cant spend a day without doing sex or watching porn movies . i do not want to tell his parents about this as they will through him out of house. he is intelligent in studies and a good boy he obey his parents but he sex addicted and some more things
1) he like to kiss feet leg only he like feet porn movies very much.
2) he love to see lesbian movies actually feet + lesbian movies
3) he love to have nude chat
4) he like to chat with simple cool girls only on net but when he starts he starts see porn movies
5) he like sex in this order
mature women
feet of young and mature woman
legs of young and mature woman
boobs of young and mature woman
then pussy of of young and mature woman
then back of of young and mature woman
6) some time he likes to **** any one even his female servant
Doesn't sound like he is doing anything you need to be worried about. Masturbation is a normal thing to do. As for watching porn well that is his thing, again nothing for you to be concerned about. I don't think he is additive to sex, normal 16 yr old boys masturbate daily. Leave the guy a lone and mind your own business.

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