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How Often R U Pregnant Women Having Sex?
I am asking this because I know several men that say they dont want to have sex with their women once they start showing? And really loose all interest in sex other than masterbation. R U pregnant ladies getting satisfied...Really??
he can't get enough...we're making woopie more now than ever....I've always heard men say they think pregnant women are sexy...
Can pregnant women have sex? Does the sex have any effects to the baby she's having?
Would the baby get hurt or something?
Yes. No. No.
Just don't be too vigorous, especially during the last stages!
Can a man feel difference when having sex with a pregnant women compared to one who is not pregnant?
is there a way to tell when having sex weather a women is pregnant.
No. Not on the inside, however. I'd imagine they can tell there's a little more belly and bust in the way, though.
Does anyone here like having sex with pregnant women?
I'm currently seeing a girl who is 5 months pregnant(not my guy) and the sex is great!
That's cool man I would've killed to have my man feel that way when we were pregnant.
Can women have sex during pregnancy? What will happen if husband ejaculate inside his pregnant wife?
If the husband ejaculates inside the women, the semen will flow to her ovary again and the semen will mix with the baby/foetus ?

Therefore , can pregnant women have sex life? Can husband ejaculate inside his wife ( any problem with that ) ?

if she really pregnant nothing happen the man can ejaculate inside all he want lol
How much time does it takes for a women to become pregnant after having sex?
There are many reports, where a women have sex and expect after one month..Is this sort of shocking?How is it possible?
If you're ovulating and have unprotected sex it only takes one time and you can get pregnant on that one time. A woman ovulates and the egg lives for 12-48 hours so if she has sex inbetween that period she could very likely become pregnant. Sperm can live up to 7 days but typically only live 3-5 in the right enviorment. You have fetile days surrounding ovulation a couple before and a few after. If sperm makes it through the cervix into the tubes and into an egg this can take a few days to happen so technically you don't conceive the second he ejaculates, but as soon as he does the sperm are on their way and if the timing is all right then it will happen.
How do pregnant women have sex?
I mean, does it push the baby up or something. Also, wouldn't it be very uncomfortable? About how many preganant women have sex during their pregnancy?
same way as everyone else....penis in the vagina. after a while doggystyle works best to avoid the "speed bump". they say after the 8th month sex can induce labor, so be carefull!
Pregnant women, sex while pregnant question?
Okay this is TMI I know but I went to the doctor and all my test came back great as far as STD's go but Ive been on here and seen a lot of women hurt after sex or start to have yeast infections and such. I am afraid to let my husband come in me now that I am pregnant, do you think it will be okay?
yes its fine, your just more likely to get an infection during pregnancy, its normally a UTI though and it will be treated straight away with tablets

dont worry about the sex, its perfectly fine
My brother is having sex with a pregnant women for money?
He is 17, I dnno what age she is but she's old about 30 or something, he said that her husband is away all the time so she never gets sex so she is all over him and she pays him $20 for sex, which is double what he normally gets for just doing the gardening.

Are pregnant women's hormones so messed up they would have sex with a 17 year old boy?
You need to report that woman. Your brother may think it's cool or something since he's earning money on top of that, but he's prostituting himself out to her and he's a minor. All of this is wrong on so many levels. This whole situation needs to end one way or another.
Men how do you feel about having sex with pregnant women?
is it a turn? turn off? is it awkward thinking about it? or do you dont mind doing it?
its awkward for me. I wouldn't want to do it. that may change when my wife gets pregnant but at this point there is nothing sexy about it

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