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Any women have vaginal/vulvar itching and burning every single month?
Sometimes anal itching, too?
Generally right before my period.
This happens to me every single month and usually its not associated with any infections, and I have no STDs.
Do you know what causes this or what treatments are available? How do you handle this torture every month??
Sometimes having your period can alter the PH levels in the vagina and cause itchiness. Some women have problems with yeast infections either before or after having their period because the PH balance has changed. You can have a mild yeast infection without having symptoms of a thick, white discharge.

This has happened to me on several occasions. You can try taking a baking soda bath with a half cup of baking soda or try an antihistamine to help with the itching.

You might want to talk to your gynecologist and find out what their opinion is.
Can a vaginal fistula result in burning, urgency or irritation after sex?
I've had recurrent symptons of constant burning in urethra and vagina several days after sex (but not always). My Dr. ruled out UTI, but the problem keeps getting worse, since I'm using Azo to control the symptons I noticed the dye is present way up high in my vagina, it appears that urine is escaping from my urethra into the vagina - could this be the cause? Could having a IUD have something to do with it? I've made an appointment with a urologist, but its sheer torture...any help?
Wow, I don't know. Do you have Crohns or some other thing that causes fistulas? Fistulas are an infection that has no were to go, so it makes it's own tunnel. Very painfull!!!!!!
I have a question about vaginal infections yeast and BV?
Heres the history. I went to to urgent care at 15 weeks due to a horrible vaginal irritation. I assume it was a yeast infection due to the white discharge, fishy smell, burning and itching. So the on call practionioner did not want to do a vaginal exam because she said I was too early in pregnancy. She had me swipe the inside of my vagina and she looked at the discharge under a microscope. She said that she did not find yeast, trich, or BV. He said it was just an irritation and told me to use vagisil and dove scentless soap. My irritation continued to torture me. Two weeks later I had my doctors appointment and my doc did a vaginal exam and she put the swab under a microscope and she said that I did have a mid case of BV and she prescribe me metronidozole(something like that), which is an antibotic. It was a 7 day treatment and I got relief on the 3rd day but the symptoms came back and worst. So now I am depress because I am so miserable. So yesterday at my 21 weeks check up I told my doc I am still itching burning and all, so they check my urine and found 2+ leukyocytes(something like that) so she said it was a UTI but when she did my vaginal exam she said just by the look of it, she new it was a raging yeast infection but she was too lazy to put it under the microscope. I ask about the uti they found and she said it was just due to the discharge from the yeast infection. She prescribe we 2 med. Diflucan and some yeast infection creme. The diflucan is a 2day treatment and I began the creme after I finish the diflucan if my symptoms persist. Ok so heres the question Did the antibiotics cause the yeast infection? I took my first diflucan pill yesterday and a couple hours later I notice a bunch of vaginal mucus dicharge yellowish with chunks in it, coming out of my vagina. I been having this discharge all of along but it never pour out like this. Does this mean the pill is working and thats just chunks of bacteria coming from my vagina or do i still have bv. I know some people say the bacteria just dissolves and you cant see it come out. I am not experiencing any itching or burning as of yesterday. Please share your yeast infection stories.
if you took the BV medicine like you were directed to then the BV will be fixed & gone.
The medicine can cause you to have a yeast infection,
because your body is not use to it.
I had bv during my guy bearing years i guess thats what they said,
and my bv went away I felt so much better..

the thing is I thought it was a UTI i guess bv and uti feel the same but they arent!

just tell your ob about the yeast infection they will want to give you medicine for that then you should good to go.

if you give birth with yeast infections your baby can get thrush in the mouth
Vaginal Needle EMG doesn't hurt???
So I'm considering participating in a research study at a urogynecology center (they torture people I think) and the study involved inserting a sensor probe and doing some kegel exercises than they insert some needles into the vaginal canal for a EMG study that can take a couple of hours max. They said the gyn will numb the area with lidocaine and that it WON"T hurt.... I find this HARD to believe. I can't find any info on the net that's helpful and wondering what others think of this or have gone through it and can attest that it won't hurt?
1) The injection with lidocaine does hurt, of course. It like receiving three or four injection shots! Have you ever received pain-killer injections at a dentist? The injection itself hurts, after that the area is numb.

2) After the lidocaine works, the area will be numb and you will feel nothing.

3) Probably they have to stretch the vaginal channel more than with standard specula in order to place the lidocaine and sensors properly. This might be quite uncomfortable.

4) It all depends on how sensitive to pain and how tolerant to medical procedures in general you are. Many people would never take injections, an 3-hour pelvic exam and accept a numb vagina for only $200, while others just enjoy learning about their body and medical procedures.

Usually participation in clinical experiments is hard-earned money. If they spend $200 (which is quite a lot of money for clinical trials) the procedure will not be "absolutely easy".

With regards to your additions:
a) Pain is a very relative sensation. What some people feel as only "annoying" other might call "pain".
b) Inserting needles will never be completely free of pain. However, it might be as mild as sticking yourself with a needle into your finger tip.
c) I cannot imagine a vaginal procedure being done without speculum or similar tools.

If you are interested in this kind of research and medical procedures and are not afraid of gynecological exams, then go for it. Compared with other medical programms this sounds relatively harmless. If you are generally an anxious person with doctors and sensitive to pain and gynecological procedures, then don't do it. Of course, it all depends on how much $200 are in your personal situation.
What is the worst Christian Torture Device in History?
What torture device do you think was the worst used in history to punish?

Here are a sample of torture devices used by Christians in powers to punish nonbelievers, pagans, and sinners.

The Judas Cradle:

The victim is raised up by the rope or chain and then lowered until the vagina, anus or the coccyx rests on the point. The torturer could vary the pressure by hanging weights from the victim or rocking or raising and dropping the victim from various heights.

The Pope's Pears:

The vaginal pear was used on woman who had sex with the Devil or his familiars. The rectal pear was used on passive male homosexuals and the oral pear was used on heretical preachers or lay persons found guilty of unorthodox practices. Inserted into the mouth, anus or vagina of the victim, the pear was expanded by use of the screw until the insides are ripped, stretched and mutilated, almost always causing death. The pointed ends of the 'leaves' were good for ripping the throat, intestines or cervix open.

Slow Burn

A 16th century device to lift the victim in and out of the fire, roasting him alive slowly instead of burning him all at once.

Crushed. Squeezing heresy out of the foolish

Extreme Makeover

The rack – everybody's favourite. Well, perhaps only of Inquisitors for whom it was the instrument of choice after the pulley had failed. For the helpless victim dislocation of every joint in the body and elongations up to 12" were possible. 'Surgeons' might reset joints to allow the torture to be repeated. Severe lacerations and loss of blood would result from racking even without the additional use of red hot pincers to tear off nipples, tongues, ears, noses, and genitals.
Evangelical, bible-thumping Preachers. And for most of them, given half the chance, they would drag society, kicking and screaming, right back to the dark ages and the reign of terror known as medieval 'christianity'.
Can tampons cause vaginal tears?
Can pulling out a tampon when your menstrual flow is lighter cause vaginal tears or damage and thus horrible discomfort (if not outright pain) when a doctor uses a speculum and that swab thing for the Pap smear during a pelvic exam? Also, when I was younger I tried using a tampon once when I didn't have my period because I wanted to figure out how it was done - and I didn't know any better at that age.

Pretty much the only time I don't have that feeling of glass being shoved up in there when that torture device known as a speculum (and that swab thing) is used is when I go during my period (which I've only done once), which they don't recommend you do.
A tampon should not cause tears or horrible pain. It is normal to be uncomfortable during a pelvic exam but it definitely shouldn't be as painful as you're describing. Ask your doctor to use more lube next time and don't be afraid to tell him that he's hurting you.
I have very very intense vaginal burning. Help?
For the past three or four years, I have had burning but only on occasion. For the past year, I have extreme burning sensations, almost constantly. When I'm on my period, before and after urinating, after showers, during and after sex, sitting standing, really, whenever it wants to show up. I've been to three doctors, all of which prescribed me different medications for yeast infections and uti, eventhough I showed up negative for both. I've also been tested for stds and have also come up negative. I've tried the otc medication called AZO, and it worked at first but now it just makes it worse. It is only on the clitoris and the opening of the vagina and everywhere in-between the two. It burns if it's hot, it's burns if I put water on it, I drink LOTS of water, even the last doctor I saw told me she didn't exactly know what was wrong with me. There is really no abnormal odor or discharge, and I keep as clean as possible using all sorts of unscented soaps. Also have tried vagisil, but that only made it worse. I wear my bf's boxers because even cotton panties are torture...I have no idea what going on. Please help.
Have you tried changing your laundry soap? Sounds like you should try that to see if it helps.
HELP! Can't Climax through Vaginal Intercourse. Need Advice..?
I am a 21 year old male. I have had sex with girls many times. Out of all those times, I have only been able to *** when they perform oral sex on me. When my penis is inside of them, I just cannot get a good sensation, I CANT FEELING ANYTHING! They're having a grand ol' time, but me, I'm miserable. It's torturous. Also, out of all those times, I was never really attracted to any of them. It was just sex, I did'nt have a crush on them, they were not girlfriends, they were just random girls.(Clean girls). However, recently, I fell in love for the first time with a girl who has become my girlfriend. On Saturday night, she came over, I lit candles in my room, we laid in my bed and had sex, and it was amazing, perfect. It was the first time my penis was ever inside a girl and I was able to ***. It lasted about a half hour, instead of the usual 3 hours! I thanked god, and finally realized why sex is the best thing ever. However, last night we had sex again except this time it was in my car. The same thing that has tortured me in the past happened again! I stuck it in and I could'nt feel anything! I just kept going because she was getting orgasms. If she's happy I'm happy. But she feels bad when she can't get me to ***. Over an hour in, I stopped and she went down on me and I was able to c**. But I want to be able to do it inside of a vagina, like every other human being! What the hell is wrong with me???? Please help, I can't take much more of this it's tearing me up.
Step One: Stop worrying about has become an obsession with you.

Step Two: Foreplay is a terrific way to get your feeling back.

There is a whole lot of difference between "just sex" and being in love sex. Sounds like it is something you can both work on.
Does this sound like my epidural was ineffective?
I am pregnant again and contenplating an elective c section. I found my epidural vaginal birth to be HORRID. Literally torture. I would have rather had someone kill me than to ever, and i mean ever go through that again. And no, it was NOT worth it. My daughter would have come out just fine even if i did not feel like death was a welcome change.

I had an augmented labor with pitocin. Had my waters broken then had an epidural put in. It was ok. Then I had to push for 1.5 hours. I FELT EVERY THING. Ever contraction and every single thing. I do not know what could possibly be worse than what i felt already with that epidural. Also afterwards when i was getting some internal stitches, i felt every little stitch and it was even more aganozing as i was so tired but could not even relax.

So, do you think my epidural was messed up or is this the norm?

I refuse to do that again. There is no way a longer recovery time with painkillers is worse than that.
If you felt everything, the epidural wasn't placed correctly. The anesthesiologist should have removed the epidural and placed it again.

All the best.
Have you ever encountered a guy with any fetishes?
I had a male friend who had a foot fetish & also liked to tickle people. I hated when he pinned me down to lick my feet or forcefully grabbed my feet & tickled them & wouldn't stop. That was TORTURE! & he also liked anal sex but was afraid of vaginal sex. He made me feel very uncomfortable. Some people told me that they thought he was gay, but he swore up & down he wasn't gay, but he acted feminine & liked football. I wasn't ever able to figure this guy out. Is he just weird or what? & he used to ring my phone off the hook.
i happen to be a guy with a couple of fetishes.
i would never force someone to be a part of them, if i was with someone and wanted to share that info then i did and let them decide if they wanted to join, if they said yes then we agreed that if she didn't like anything or became very uncomfortable it would stop, if you indulge in any sex act communication is the most I'mportant thing.
now to your guy, to forcefully hold you down against your will is deplorable, his liking for anal sex can be a latent homosexual desire but more over its a way of controlling the other person (male or female, a receiver is normally playing or being forced into the submissive role)
next the phone call, now he's trying to terrorize you, constant calling and im sure he followed you around whether you know it or not. if you still see this guy around keep your distance, he'll see you wave hello and think you want him again

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